Maryland rapper Ace Cosgrove’s newest project Baby Need Food feels like the momentary culmination of a long searching still in progress. One of the most technically intriguing and lyrically unique artists among his peers, Cosgrove has seemed like the sprouting of many disparate strains since he first popped onto our radar. On Baby Need Food, past generations still echo in his rhymes, but he seems more comfortable telling his story with detail and energy. Standouts “Baby Need Clothes,” “Bad Guy,” and closer “Need Somebody” maintain Cosgrove’s twisting, stop-start flow, while trading the abstraction of previous releases for autobiography and in-the-moment observation. Baby Needs Food feels more complete than any of Cosgrove’s preceding work, an artistic advancement spurred in part by the consistency of the production, provided almost entirely by Robbie Anthem.

Stream Baby Need Food below and buy it here.