Image via Kickstarter

Image via Kickstarter

Just earlier today, Killer Mike and El-P joked about the very-fake Squawk the Jewelsand now they’ve dropped yet another preview from the very-real Meow the Jewels. We learned earlier this year that the line-up for the cat-themed remix album was to be absolutely loaded, with Just Blaze among the many to contribute a meowtastic remix to the bizarre project. Now we finally have Just Blaze’s contribution to the charity project, and it’s kind of amazing.

Starting by setting up an insane narrative involving Just Blaze watching “Cat Week” on TV, before going insane due to cat overload (a frequently overlooked danger, for sure). The strangest part about the remix, is that it works, and as funny as it is, the warped samples of meows and purring bass works a whole lot better than one would think. It says a lot about Blaze’s considerable production talents that he’s able to create something so good out of such a stupid idea.

El-P says that the Kickstarter-funded charity project will receive all of its release details including its actual release date next week sometime, so if you’re craving more cat-crazed Run the Jewels remixes expect to have a date to put in your calendar in the near future. Listen to Just Blaze’s insane remix of “Oh My Darling Don’t Cry” below, and listen to the original below that.

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