Everyone in the music industry knows that in order to be truly successful, artists have to do more than just put out good music. A wise strategy is to find other ventures to invest their money. Many go down the route of creating their own clothing brand, perfume, invest in a liquor brand, and so on. Jadakiss and Styles P, on the other hand, have taken a much different route—one that benefits more than just their own pockets.

As a way to give back to their community, Jadakiss and Styles P have opened their own juice bars. In some neighborhoods, it seems like the areas are just flooding with fresh juice. However, in lower-incomes neighborhoods like Yonkers—where both Jadakiss and Styles P are from—the closest thing to fresh juice is whatever is available at the local bodega.

With now three locations of their juice bars Juices for Life in Yonkers, The Bronx and New Hyde Park, their mission to educate more people on a healthier way of life seems to be making a great start. Obviously, not everyone will be able to make it to these locations. The hope is that more people will begin to follow the lead of both Jadakiss and Styles P in an effort to make a change for the better. While some may still be hesitant to drink, rather than eat, their fruits and vegatables, there’s no need to fear because like Kiss said, “There’s nothing soft about juicing.”