Image via Well$

Image via Well$

Well$ is moving fast. It’s barely been two weeks since his Kendrick-sampling “Clocks” burnt a hole through SoundCloud, but the North Carolina rapper is already back with two vicious new tracks.

“608AM In Cleveland” is the show-stopper, a string of snarling raps that intensify as Tommy Coyote’s drums slash and shudder ever louder. Well$ reveals a knack for melody in the song’s final third, switching up his flow to include a smooth outro punctuated by the rapper’s lilting triplets.

The second offering, “Naked Truth,” is harsher in the best of ways. Hasta joins in this time around, and Well$ rips off a couple verses that will draw enviable comparisons to a No Ceilings alum, Jazz Cartier. Well$ has yet to hit the NC stage, but he will soon enough—tickets are on sale now for the August 26 show.


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