Image via Bandcamp

Image via Bandcamp

To fans of Ratking, the name Sporting Life is already a very familiar one. While Wiki and Hak provide the verses, Sporting Life provides the hard-hitting, bass-heavy production. Now he’s preparing to release his solo album 55 5’s via R&S Records on September 18.

Sporting Life completes the announcement by releasing a strong first single, simply titled “Badd.” There’s no doubt that this beat would sound great with someone rapping over it but the truth is, the vocals would just feel secondary. The production on “Badd” is so intricate and complex on its own that it feels complete. There are equal amounts of fast-paced sounds that seem to be moving at the speed of light layered together with more relaxed, slowed down elements. Together, they a result in a dizzying creation that is too good to just play once.

Listen to “Badd” below, and pre-order 55 5’s here.

Get more familiar with Ratking below.

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