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Just when we thought it was dying down, the Drake vs. Meek Mill conflict continues to add layers. For every indecent Instagram, we get a slick line or a carefully thought out bottle delivery.

Last night, Drake wore a Free Meek Mill shirt to OVO Fest, and had a meme slideshow playing behind him. Politicians, corporations, and athletes have all joined in on the event. This “beef” is turning into an all-out spectacle.

When discussing about diss tracks and rap beef, it’s hard to not think about Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. As a great man might have once said, “Tupac did not die so Drake can make a meme PowerPoint presentation. This is not rap beef, this is passive aggressive, Mean Girls-esque slander.”

On the other hand, a (different) great man might counter with something like, “‘Back To Back’ is a banger that I’ll be listening to 10 years from now and ‘Wanna Know’ is a complete waste of The Undertaker’s theme music. Meek started this by questioning Drake’s entire livelihood. Drake has every right to destroy Meek.”

So as these two continue to trade slaps, we take time to applaud the real MVP: The Memes. The real-world chatroom that is the internet came together to fire off their best one-liners in honor of the Drake/Meek saga. Here are some of our favorites.

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