Image via NAH

Image via NAH

NAH has never been about subtlety. Utilizing a combination of disparate genres to create a lurching monster intent on wrecking havoc, the project has been gradually evolving ever since its debut release in 2012. After countless EPs and other projects, NAH is deleting all of his previous releases off Bandcamp to create a clean slate with his best release yet, Light as Fuck. Split into two 12-minute sides, Light as Fuck is a gruff and surreal statement of purpose.

It probably wouldn’t be right to refer to Light as Fuck as his debut album, but it’s the first release of his to stay 100% true to his uncompromising vision. He says that “everything prior to this album feels like one huge demo,” and upon listening, it’s evident what he means.

This is his tightest sounding project yet, offering a more cohesive narrative that crookedly hammers in all the nails as far as they’ll possibly go. With the exception of a pitch-perfect guest spot from Ho99o9, this album is 100% NAH.

Like an undead version of John Carpenter’s already decaying synths, the album eases in relatively gently compared to what lays ahead. It’s an eerie, anxiety-ridden opening that slowly distorts into a vitriolic 24-minutes that gleefully plays with genre conventions like an animal does with its prey. Like a horror movie with the lights off, Light as Fuck is stark, unnerving, and quite often, violent as fuck.

It’s never quite clear on whether the intent is to scare the listener or to compel the listener to move. Pumped-up and full of energy, it’s an album as terrifying as it is exciting. It might be a little too direct and blunt for some listeners, but as said before, NAH has never been about subtlety.

Listen to the album below, or get it as a pay-what-you-want download here.

If you really dig what you hear, then a 2 hour compilation of older material entitled Purchase is also available here. Check out the video for “Get/Take/Have” below, and check out his upcoming tour dates below that.

NAH World Tour:

8/8/15 Philadelphia, PA @ Philamoca
8/18/15 Jerusalem, Israel @ Frontline Festival
9/12/15 Ghent, BE @ Big Next Festival
9/19/15 Brussels, BE @ E2 Festival at Barlok
10/23/15 Rotterdamn, Holland @ RVLT Festival at Worm
10/24/15 CHARLEROI, BE @ Livresse Festival at Le Vecteur
11/5/15 Manchester, UK @ The Ducie Bridge
11/7/15 Reykjavík, Iceland @ Iceland Airwaves Festival

More TBA.