Turls’ “My Plug” is a creeper. It didn’t catch on the first time I listened, but something about the hypnotic hook and the production’s gentle melody buried itself in the back of my brain, and had me revisiting the song a few days later, and then a few hours later, and then putting it straight on repeat.

Since “My Plug” dropped earlier this year, we’ve heard from Turls a couple more times (on “While You Wait” and featuring on Pronto’s “I Can’t Go Like That“), but no excuse is needed to revisit “My Plug” and put it straight back on the playlist.

The video, premiered by All Def Digital, is directed by Sean Wuzy and Turls and it might make you think your computer screen is broken, or it might make you go and rob your plug. Either way, check it out above and look out for Turls’ Destruction of A Heart project coming soon.