Back in December, months ahead of the release of his latest album Wildheart, Miguel released a surprise three-track EP featuring a few of the tracks that would later be included on the album. One of the included, standout tracks was “NWA.” Now Miguel has finally delivered the visuals to accompany the song.

It comes as no surprise that the video would take place in California, considering the name of the track is inspired by Compton’s own N.W.A. Overall, the concept is quite simple. Miguel can be seen, not breaking a single drop of sweat in his signature leather jacket as he makes his way down a practically empty block.

The video exudes the same cool and laid-back vibe that California is best known for, because with a song this good the video doesn’t need to be overdone.

Watch the video above.

UPDATE: Only a few hours later, Miguel gifts us with yet another video, this time for “…goingtohell.” Both videos are extremely different, the second being much sexier and more dramatic than the first. The visuals for “…goingtohell” seem to also be a sequel to his video for “Coffee.”

Watch it below.

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