The British appear to have taken over in our latest rundown of the best mixes streaming right now, but is that such a bad thing?

From the country that brought you both Shakespeare and Skepta, there were so many good mixes to choose from this time around. Whether you're something of a SBTRKT fan searching for music to sooth your commute, or if a barrage of tunes from Bonobo sounds like it'll break any boredom you might feel towards your current library of music—make way for these and more, including James Blake and his 1-800 Dinosaur boys, Artwork going back-to-back with Skream, and a special podcast from Mr Scruff.

Come to think of it, FunkinEven and Girl Unit are also from the British Isles. So whilst we apologize (in true British fashion) for unintentionally creating a very UK-centric list this week, we're also very much not sorry about all the music you're about to thoroughly enjoy.