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Whether we are ready to openly admit it or would rather keep it as a secret, guilty pleasure, it seems to safe to say that when it comes to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, a lot of us just can’t seem to look away. Their latest photobook proves that they’re both very aware of that fact. Kanye and Kim teamed up with German photographer Juergen Teller to release a book simply titled Kanye, Juergen & Kim.

The photobook documents a trip the couple took to France’s countryside earlier this year when Kim was still going through her short lived bleach blonde phase. Kanye styled Kim in a strange nude bodysuit, while Kanye himself can be seen keeping things simple in his normal minimalist fashion.

As a collection, the concept of the photoshoot as well as photos that have been revealed so far are definitely a bit bizarre. However, the photo of Kanye standing by the tree is oddly both intriguing and calming. Here’s hoping that the photobook provides us all with more photos of Kanye with nature.

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