Image via Solo Woods' Instagram

Image via Solo Woods’ Instagram

This past May, I saw Solo Woods at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. It was a Wednesday night and he wasn’t slated to go on until 10:30pm. Usually I have someone to be my plus one to shows, but that night I decided to check out his set by myself. When I got there, the band before Solo was still on. There was about 30 people in the audience which, considering it was a late show in the middle of the week, wasn’t a bad crowd. Then the band finished, and one by one, the crowd started to disappear. When Solo took the stage, there were only about five or six of us remaining.

For a seasoned artist, taking the stage under these settings is enough to throw you off. For a new artist, it might be enough to make you give up.

But that’s not what happened. Instead of giving a mediocre performance, Solo Woods put on one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. He was passionate, energetic, soulful, engaging, and talented beyond belief. There may have been a handful of us left, but Solo played like he was at Madison Square Garden, and that genuine care he put into his craft was palpable.

One of the last songs he played that night was “Powers,” and now he’s sharing the track as his first official single. The song shows noticeable growth from his first offering we heard earlier this spring. While his vocals are still what draws you in, the production nuances he creates here reveals his immense depth as a songwriter.

Listen to the excellent “Powers” below, and look for more from Woods soon.