Image via Rustie on Facebook

Image via Rustie on Facebook

After remixing some happy hardcore, then shouting out the big cats, Rustie’s latest drop makes it official: the Glasgow-based producer is on one.

What’s interesting is a note that Rustie posted on Facebook, saying that his edit of Ginuwine’s “Pony” was done for “Magic Mike 2” (Magic Mike XXL, which dropped earlier this month), but for some reason didn’t get used. If you’ve peeped Magic Mike before, you’d know that they’ve had a number of popular tracks featured in both movies, with Ginuwine’s classic “Pony” was used in both films, so we imagine they wanted an intriguing, next level spin on the jam done.

Rustie did that, and more. He doesn’t neglect the vocals at all, just putting his future funky spin on the tune, beefing up all elements into a cut that would’ve made for an intense dance sequence from Channing Tatum that’d get your boo turnt.

No download option on this one, but if you dig the original, give this one a whirl.

Update: Although we couldn’t get a download of Rustie’s stellar “Pony” edit, he was generous enough to deliver the instrumental for free. Download it below.