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Cover art by Amber Park

Novyon (pronounced No-Vee-Yon) is a rapper/producer from Minneapolis, and he makes music under the name Finding Novyon. He’s part of a crew called The Rotation, but he’s also a solo artist, and for his upcoming mixtape #TheFoodNetwork, he’s teaming up with Travis Gorman, who co-produced “Lots.” The song also features the rapidly ascending Minnesota representative Allan Kingdom.

“Lots” is one of those songs that hits immediately. It’s simple and efficient, and while it’s absolutely a song you can party to, there’s just the right touch of deep, dark, ominous vibes to keep things interesting. Most importantly, it’s a song that will be playing in your head long after you’re done listening. Cover art by Amber Park.

Check it out below, and look out for #TheFoodNetwork in the coming months.

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