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Birdman just threw a cup of liquor on Wayne from upstairs tho😂😂😂😂😂😂 looked at his ass like I dare you say something

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The drama surrounding Lil Wayne and Birdman’s label dispute has settled down recently. Wayne released his Free Weezy Album on Tidal and the ongoing lawsuit seems to be quietly progressing behind closed doors, but things took a turn last night when both Lil Wayne and Birdman were at Miami’s Club LIV to celebrate Jim Jones’ upcoming birthday.

According to reports, Birdman, or someone in Birdman’s entourage, threw a drink on Lil Wayne while he was performing. Footage above shows what happened right after the alleged drink-throwing, and the Instagram user who uploaded it explains,  “Birdman just threw a cup of liquor on Wayne from upstairs… looked at his ass like I dare you say something.”

As usual, the story has turned into a game of telephone, and rumors are now swirling that bottles were tossed. For now, the only footage we’ve seen is the Instagram video above. Neither Wayne or Birdman have commented on the incident.


See more footage from the night, including plenty of vodka being tossed around, below:

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