Not even the ears of Frank Ocean are exempt from academia's calling. Fortunately, the lecture hall's hold on him proved too weak to last. He endured his higher education stint at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, for a single semester in the fall of 2005, after which he bid farewell to schooling and committed himself to a career in music.

According to a 2013 New York Times interview, he originally intended to study at the University of New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina changed that, forcing him to transfer as the semester rapidly approached. The transition away from forced learning allowed for the existence of nostalgia, ULTRA and channel ORANGE. His move to Los Angeles at the behest of a friend awarded his work room to flourish, and flourish it did.

We're not to about to cosign dropping out, but if you've got talent and your shit together, never let anyone tell you it's not possible to succeed. Ocean is living proof of the contrary.

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