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Image via Ten Diamonds

Image via Ten Diamonds

Emo has seen somewhat of a revival these past few years, sneaking back into the lives of many in numerous unexpected ways. Whether you agree with that or not, it can’t be denied that hip-hop, perhaps the most adventurous of the big genre tags, has embraced the emo ethos more so than rock music as of late. Corbin, one of the most exciting young artists of the past five years, comes across as the missing link between emo and hip-hop, and Drake essentially released one of the most polished and overtly modern emo albums of all time with Take Care.

So it goes without saying then, that Ten Diamonds’ potent blend of the two genres is a pretty welcome one, especially considering how well he pulls it off. Scruffy and understated, Ten Diamonds’ two latest tracks, “The Way” and “Broke Mine,” expand upon the fractured frailty of his underlooked debut, Catching FeelingsProduced by Kareful and P&P favorite Drip-133, the tracks further showcase the anonymous singer’s knack for strong melodies and his desire to work with some of SoundCloud’s most exciting emerging talent.

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