D’Angelo is bringing his Second Coming Tour to cities around the U.S. (and beyond) right now, but if you didn’t happen to snag tickets, a patient viewer of the Bonnaroo livestream has you covered. The full set is included in the video above, and it’s simply essential viewing for anyone who considers themselves a fan of music.

D is an extraordinary artist, backed by a whole crew of other extraordinary artists (if Pino Palladino, Chris Dave, and Isaiah Sharkey are not names you’re familiar with, I suggest you get to Google ASAP). I got the chance to see him in action in March, and thinking about it still gives me chills. I couldn’t listen to his records for weeks after—they just weren’t the same. So consider this a resounding endorsement of this video and of D’Angelo live in general—watch the video above (before it gets taken down!) and enjoy.

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