As one of the more progressive new artists out, Raury has not wasted a minute of his time —especially after gracing the infamous 2015 XXL Freshman cover— to talk about what he stands for. Raury has always said he makes music for the people and to inspire others, but as he gains a whole new legion of fans, they’re beginning to understand his message more and more.

In his latest stop to Sway in The Morning, he took the time out to explain what the Love Renaissance movement means (to people who may not have heard yet), why it’s so important to him to not compromise his art for money, and how he deals with the higher power guiding him amidst the industry B.S. He also put the radio show on to the power of minerals and how their emitting energy may help you as you go about your day, because Sway wasn’t familiar with how it worked.

Not only that, but he offered his services on the microphone and spit over a beat more than they expected. Watch that above and stay tuned for his forthcoming album to drop later this year.

Oh, and shout out to the caller (at the 20:41 mark) who said they heard of Raury through Pigeons & Planes!

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