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Remember “Vasoline,” Stone Temple Pilots’ 1994 hit? Times have changed. STP lead singer Scott Weiland was kicked out of the group in 2013, and now he’s back with a new band called Wildabouts. During a show in Texas, his new band covered his old band, but the performance was a train wreck. It’s unclear what, exactly, is going on here, but other footage from the night doesn’t look much better.

“This is a new song. We just worked it out today,” Weiland said before slurring his way through “Vasoline.” Maybe he’s taking a page out of the Kurt Cobain handbook and intentionally butchering the song. It could also be that he was under the influence of something. Weiland has a long history with drugs and alcohol and has been to rehab several times.

Watch the “Vasoline” performance above.


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