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Image via PR

I grew up listening to female rock artists like Fiona Apple, Alanis Morrisette, and PJ Harvey. These were women I idolized not because they were beautiful, but because they were brave. They weren’t scared to show that life isn’t always picture perfect. Relationships don’t begin and end neatly. Sometimes we’re rash and illogical. Sometimes we say and do stupid things. Sometimes we get angry. Sometimes we over-analyze things and become paranoid for no reason. Sometimes we get scared. That’s all ok. That’s human. That’s real.

There was a period where I missed this emotional messiness in music, because I felt like everything was getting so cookie-cutter. But in the last few years, that’s changed. There’s a lot of new artists–women especially–who are putting some depth and grittiness back into music. Miya Folick is relatively new, but based on her last song and this new one, “I Got Drunk,” she’s on her way to joining this group.

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