It’s hard to imagine that it’s only been about four years since we first posted about A$AP Rocky. When he emerged on the scene with his “Purple Swag” video, many people were on the fence about how they felt. Some loved it immediately and some hated it but one thing was for certain—everyone was still talking about it.

In Complex’s latest installment of “Magnum Opus,” A$AP Rocky, the rest of the A$AP Mob and everyone else involved in the making of “Purple Swag” explain how it all came together and started something much bigger than they could have imagined. The video also features commentary from the girl with the gold grills in the video, the director, as well as Bun-B himself to discuss how he feels about Rocky’s Houston-influenced sound.

The in-depth discussion explains how A$AP Yams helped shaped all of the members into who they are today, how they used the internet to their advantage and basically how “Purple Swag” changed their lives forever.

Watch the full discussion above.


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