You may be celebrating 4/20 at some point today, but you’re certainly not doing it like 2 Chainz is. His GQ series “Most Expensivest Sh*t” takes things to another level for the smoker’s holiday, crash landing him in a store that owns the most expensive bong you’ll ever see (unless you’re some kind of royal stoner music junkie). The glass contraption is worth a reported $10,000 and is hand-crafted in German glass that’s 9 mm thick.

The official name for the bong is “The Armageddon,” but it also referred to as “the Picasso of bongs.” It’s a one of one, so even if you had the cash, you can’t buy it.

Live vicariously through 2 Chainz and check out the latest segment of his GQ web series above.

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