Even with the death of the big-budget video as a vehicle for selling albums, visual identity is as important as ever for up-and-coming artists and the songs they hope will break them.

Brooklyn rapper Wati Heru’s “NEW BLUE HUNNIDS” is the sort of companion piece that becomes inextricably linked with the song that inspired it. A nightmarish, neon black-lit journey through a basement party, the video for “NEW BLUE HUNNIDS” mirrors the song’s ominous, skeletal sound (and feels vaguely reminiscent of the tail-end of one of the greatest videos of the inflated-budget era, Busta Rhymes’ “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See”). It’s not as if another reminder was necessary, but Heru’s new single serves as added evidence that a few bucks and a bit of unique style are more than enough for a compelling clip.

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