We’re still getting familiar with the team of young creatives who make up the MSFTSrep crew, and today we get another piece of the puzzle in the form of a new song from dylAn. “Stephulka V3” is produced by dylAn’s older brother Daniel D’artiste, and it’s the first track off his debut mixtape, titled lowercase A (not to be confused with his debut album, called A).

It’s a relaxed, jazzy track that gives a little insight into what the budding artist is all about. “It’s my most informative song to date,” dylAn says. “If you listen to it closely you’ll know more about me. I want my music to be personal so it feels like people are getting to know me as I change and progress. Makes the whole experience a little better. The time just felt right to drop it, all of the questions addressed coincide with my EP, lowercase A, as well as my album, A.”