Fresh off a couple choice production credits on Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly, mystery voice Whoarei has popped up as one of only two features on Nosaj Thing’s third studio album. He’s in good company: Chance the Rapper is the other.

“Don’t Mind Me” features classically woozy and wonderful production from Nosaj Thing. Subdued keys wander around the beat; soft, lo-fi vibes that are complemented by Whoarei’s breathy vocals. The voice builds into many voices, all running the same phrase at different speeds and pitches. It’s all very James Blake-by-way-of-California, sun drenched and half asleep. Nosaj Thing’s Fated album is out May 5 on the L.A. producer’s own Timetable label, and Whoarei’s own album (also via Timetable) will follow soon after.

Stream “Don’t Mind Me” below, then acquaint yourself with Whoarei’s music with “I Love You, Cookie.”