Image via Crystal Castles on Facebook

Image via Crystal Castles on Facebook

Not too long ago, Ethan Kath released the first Crystal Castles song since Alice Glass left the band, including a statement alongside it that came across as a little bitter. Despite him deleting the comments he made, Glass took to Twitter, saying “Manipulative statements about my contributions to the band only reinforce the decision I made to move on to other things.” Needless to say, things weren’t looking all that good between the ex-musical partners.

However, it would seem that Ethan Kath didn’t exactly intend to throw any shade towards Glass, and that’s why he deleted the comments. Speaking with Pitchfork, Kath explained: “When I realized it came off as shade, I pulled it because I have no desire to throw any shade, I really do wish her the best.” He went on to reiterate that he “meant no harm to her,” and that he was only “acknowledging what she had already said herself.”

In an interview with i-D magazine, she did say that she left so she could “be herself,” and Kath seems to agree that to a certain degree she was indeed “living a lie.” Despite her comments following the hastily deleted statement, he stressed that he’ll “always love her,” and that he “sincerely want[s] her to do well and be happy.” He seems to be as excited to see where she’ll be going as a solo artist as the rest of us.

However, he did add that he was “told she was taking a year off,” and that “after her year off, she tweeted that she was leaving.” Stranger yet, he says that “there was no discussion about it.” Regardless, Ethan Kath will continue the Crystal Castles project without her, and that “Frail” was “recorded recently and released as a message that we are in studio writing and recording a new album.”