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YouTube has just launched a brand-new hub, with resources specifically targeted at DIY musicians using the platform to try to “make it” in the industry. “YouTube for Artists” will provide up-and-coming musicians with information on “how to best get discovered, lessons on engaging with your fans beyond your music videos, a guide to making money on YouTube” and more.

The targeted effort by the company comes following countless YouTube stars made good: Bieber, Carly Rae, Bobby Shmurda… it’s hard to think of top-selling artists these days who haven’t gotten their start via prolific success on the site. Now, the company is embracing its role as gateway to the music industry with resources to support burgeoning artists. This change also reflects Billboard’s decision to include YouTube streams in all of its Hot 100 charts, allowing artists to make the most of this new way onto the charts.

This move is a little surprising after the legal disputes YouTube has had with independent labels and musicians in recent months, threatening to remove videos of artists without licensing agreements and generally creating a hostile environment for unsigned artists. Hopefully, this tool ends up being useful for artists, and helps YouTube become a still corporate, but at least more effective place for music discovery.

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