The video for Brooklyn band altopalo’s pleasantly enjoyably “chagrinning” is one of the most meticulous and inventive you’re likely to see this year, even just two months in.

Colin Marchon hand-animated the video using largely cutouts from magazines, picture books, print-outs from online images, etc. [altopalo’s guitarist] Mike lives with Colin, and saw the work slowly unfold as a mountain of bizarre paper figures and scenes accumulated like a little planet in the corner of their living room,” says the band. “Colin worked nearly every day for the better part of a couple months assembling it all frame-by-frame. We liked the video so much that we asked him to help out with a lot of the other visual design elements going toward the release of [our album] noneofuscared.”

The end result is a hallucinatory stop-motion rainbow that perfectly matches the song’s measured madness and explosive crescendos. Enough words, get lost in “chagrinning” below.