I was first sent “Ghosts” in early December. At the time, they wanted to premiere the song after the holidays in mid-January. Then one thing after another popped up (as they often do), and the premiere date for the song kept getting pushed farther and farther out. But it didn’t matter. Because what RAINES (aka Mike Nelson) has done on “Ghosts” is so striking, that it could’ve gotten pushed out years and I would’ve still waited for a chance to share it.

The song opens sparsely, with Nelson’s haunting vocals over delicate piano chords. It continues this way until the 2:30 mark, where it unfurls into a beautifully lush ending. Speaking on the track, RAINES states:

Ghosts is really important to me, it’s about my dreams and my nightmares. It’s about having someone to fight the world with. It’s about love and loss, but also the idea that these feelings don’t stop just because a relationship does.

RAINES will be releasing more music later this year, but for now, get lost in “Ghosts” below.

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