When I first moved to New York City, I got a job as a hostess at a restaurant near Lincoln Center. Unlike some of my friends who had restaurant jobs down in Soho and Tribeca, we didn’t have a lot of famous clients. Then, out of nowhere, Munch from Law & Order: SVU starting coming in for lunch at least once or twice week for a few months. Every waiter was convinced this was their lucky break and would (not so subtly) slip them their headshot and try to land a spot as a victim in an upcoming episode. None of them got it.

Singer Hannah Lucia, fortunately, had a different experience. She moved to Brooklyn as a teenager and found her way to Harlem in search of jazz clubs to sing at. Eventually she started waitressing at The Lenox Lounge, where she met Ben Bronfman (who’s produced for the likes of Kanye West and M.I.A.). Bronfman offered to help produce tracks with her and now, Lucia is the first release on the producer’s new Wave Theory label.

“Lights Out” serves as our introduction to what the two have in store, and it’s an impressive one at that. Instead of playing it safe by layering Lucia’s sultry vocals over delicate synths or gentle piano chords, the song pairs her with a dark electronic production. It’s a risk but one that certainly pays off.

Lucia will be releasing more music throughout 2015, but for now, stream her fantastic “Lights Out” below.