Artwork by @validvaultures

Virginia is bubbling right now, and with his Bread & Butter project from late last year, VA Beach representative Mike Strong earned his spot among the up-and-comers. For his latest, he links with fellow Virginia Beach resident DP, who provided the sinister production.

We didn’t even know DP produced. “Neither did I,” Strong explains, “but I called him one day and asked if he could put me on to some producers and he told me he got a beat he made for me.”

Strong specializes in dark imagery and dense verses that pack a punch. “They gave my baby mama Percs for her post-birth pain / I had the nerve to sell the ‘scrip to her own nurse, man,” he raps within the first minute of “Dealemma.”

Check out the new song below, and look out for Mike Strong’s next project, Baby Malicious, coming soon. Get Bread & Butter here.

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