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Image via Head of Fish

Image via Head of Fish

Last night, Kendrick Lamar’s highly anticipated To Pimp a Butterfly unexpectedly hit iTunes a week before its scheduled release date. The album was out only as a clean version at first. Shortly after, the explicit version was up for sale.

Top Dawg CEO Anthony Tiffith blamed Interscope for “fucking up the release,” but Kendrick tweeted soon after: “Keep calm. All is well.” He then shared a link to the explicit version of the album on iTunes.

So, what was the fuck up? Was it just that the clean version dropped first? Was the album even supposed to be released?

It’s still not entirely clear, but today, To Pimp a Butterfly has been taken down from iTunes and is back to pre-order status. It doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, because now a lot of people already have the album in full, but that’s the current status. Some are joking (or are they?) about iTunes “selling out” of copies.

You can still stream the album on Spotify.

UPDATE: The album is now (Monday, March 16, 1:15 p.m.) back up on iTunes. Buy it here.

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