I’m proud of Hollywood. After years of formulaic, orchestral soundtracks and stale pop songs, we seemed to have turned a corner: studios aren’t afraid to commission songs for their films, making a real effort to find (and pair) relevant artists for their scores.

The Divergent series is about to release its second installment of doe-eyed interstellar teenage emotion, Insurgent. The first soundtrack had some interesting twosomes, and today we’re gifted a first listen of the new soundtrack courtesy of HAIM and M83. The two work really well together. HAIM’s layer-cake harmonies fit perfectly into Anthony Gonzalez’s huge soundscapes, floating over strings and arpeggiated synths with ease.

HAIM told MTV News they’ve been fans of Gonzalez and M83 for a while: “We had the best time in the studio with him, it all happened so fast and was so easy and natural. We are so excited to be a part of this movie.” Thank you, Hollywood, for not subjecting us to an eternity of Aerosmith. Stream below.