Image via Made Blog, Photo by Conner Evert

Image via Made Blog, Photo by Conner Evert

The artist formerly known as Spooky Black has gone through a quite a lot of changes over the past couple of months, especially when it comes to the number of fans he’s been performing to. He hasn’t released much music under his own namesake so far, but there’s no doubting that Corbin will be changing that shortly. To bridge the gap between whatever it is he’s cooking up now and what’s already been released, he just shared three acoustic lo-fi tracks on Soundcloud seemingly out of nowhere.

Two of the tracks mark quite a bit of a change for the young artist, who is still only 16 years old. These tracks could very well mean nothing in the long run, but it’s nice to hear new music from Corbin after a brief silent period. The only accompanying notes with the tracks are vague, with “she changes her mind a lot” posted alongside a disconsolate description of “winter is almost over and it makes me sad,” while another track description only says “masturbate.” Yeah, we’re not really sure what’s going on here either, but man is “she changes her mind a lot” a haunting track.

Listen to and download all three tracks below.

UPDATE: All three tracks have been taken down.

Acoustic versions of songs that are better than the original