During the month of February, Jimmy Kimmel Live has hosted weekly events called “Mash Up Mondays” where they invite two guests to perform together. The guests are usually artists who probably wouldn’t have performed with each other in any other ordinary circumstances, which is really what makes the entire concept interesting. Earlier this month Kimmel brought HAIM and Morris Day and The Time together for an amazing performance, and for the latest installment of Mash Up Mondays, Warren G and Kenny G were brought together.

Besides their singular last initial, there isn’t too much that the G-Funk rapper and smooth jazz musician have in common. But when the two came together to perform Warren G’s hit “Regulate” it actually felt kind of right, at least for the moment. Warren G rapped his verses while Kenny G played his soprano saxophone in harmony with the late Nate Dogg’s vocals, and the results were impressive.

Watch the mash-up performance above.

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