Last night, the 2015 BET Honors finally aired and one of the honorees was Kanye West. He was given the visionary award. Many of the people awarded during the past ceremonies have had much longer careers than Kanye, so this title alone goes to show just how much he has done in such a short amount of time. Before coming up to receive his award, there was a short video tribute featuring his peers (such as Common, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-z, and more) talking about his successful career.

However, it was the introduction speech by Dame Dash that really came as a bit of a surprise. Not because of their apparent rocky relationship but because as Dame himself put it, you never know what he may say. Kanye West eventually came on stage to receive his award and give a thank you speech to the crowd which wound up transforming into a great reflective speech on the issues he deals with in his daily life. He began simply stating that he “understands how it feels to be humbled.”

Watch his speech above.

Watch the tribute video to Kanye West below.

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