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If you’re talking about all time legends in the UK grime scene, Newham Generals have to be near the top of the list. Footsie and D Double E have been doing this grime thing from early, and are pretty much universally respected by their peers. It’s difficult to keep the levels high year after year, but the Newham Generals seem to release a constant stream of music, both together and with solo projects.

Just this year, for example, Footsie has already released the Scars EP, while D Double E dropped the “Can’t Come Back” video. “Levels,” however, comes from the Generals N To The G’s EP, which will be out in April. Taiki Nulight and My Nu Leng from the Black Butter camp provide the murky, club-crushing production, while the video, shot at Fabric in London, takes you straight into the rave with the Newham Generals. Check it out above.

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