Photo via Terry's Tacos

Photo via Terry’s Tacos

The diversification of hip-hop over the last ten years or so has been pretty extreme, with genres bleeding in from all over the place resulting in some incredibly fresh and original sounding music. Horse Head takes the concept of breaking down genre barriers and runs with it, melding disparate influences from all over into one cohesive whole, sounding a little something like Future if he were really into Jimmy Eat World.

The latest release from Horse Head, Romantic, finds him at his most reflective. Blending the sounds of lo-fi emo with modern hip-hop production and 808s & Heartbreak era Kanye, the EP really sounds like nothing else. This is essentially late ’90s emo filtered through Yung Lean or Chief Keef, and somehow it works. Featuring Cold Hart, Yung Bruh, Mackned, and Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, the self-produced EP hones in on a singular sound and absolutely nails it.

Listen to Romantic below, or buy it here or here.

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