Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

“Charles Hamilton is officially back,” reads a press release that Republic Records sent out today.

In the past years, Charles Hamilton has flirted with a comeback, but it’s never felt entirely real. Scattered releases confirmed that he had been working on music, but the effort to really promote the music seemed to be lacking, and blog support wasn’t what it was back in 2008, when The Hamiltonization Process was popping off online.

With Republic behind him, this comeback could be different. Charles is readying a release for later this year, and his song “New York Raining,” which features Rita Ora, will be featured on the season finale of Empire, airing March 18.

Tonight, he’ll be performing new music at Sayers Club in Los Angeles.

“Charles is back and the excitement for his return is immeasurable. The enthusiasm in the marketplace is overwhelming and we are thrilled to participate in the evolution of his career,” says Monte Lipman, Co-Founder & Chief Executive of Republic Records.

According to the press release, Charles has been going through treatment for bipolar disorder and addiction, and he’s now got everything in control and is ready to get back into music.

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