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“Birdman Daddy. Pullin’ up in that brand new Caddy. Got money livin’ lavish. Got bitches shippin’ packages.”

Happy Birthday, Baby. Here are 10 times that good things happened for Birdman.

When the contractor comes thru and says that his initial estimate for the pool being 18′ x 28′ was wrong and he’s able to do the full 20′ x 34′ concept that you envisioned.


When the leather so soft.


When Drake drops a mixtape/album and you’re listening to it on Soundcloud, and then Drake takes the mixtape/album off of Soundcloud and it’s only available on iTunes at that moment, but then bae says, “I have some old iTunes gift cards that I haven’t used.” 


When you get a 12-piece nug from Chick-fil-A but your box comes with 15 nugs, and even though some of the nugs are almost 90% deep fry and don’t count as a full nug, you koolin’ anyways.


When someone is cool with bumming you cigs all night because they’re also anticipating Yeezy season and want to talk about when “All Day” is gonna drop.


When you’re tired of everyone talking about how good Ice Cube’s day was so you pretty much reenact the whole day but use your own blimp.


When you’re messing around with deductions on Turbo Tax and say you donated a bunch of clothes to Goodwill and end up getting an extra $60 on the refund.


When you’re at a pre-game and the aux is hovering around room temperature but then someone puts on “Bricks” by Migos.


 When you’re ham with the squad at a restaurant and finally see your food coming.


 When you find two dead doves but resurrect them because you’re Birdman and it’s your fucking birthday.


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