Image via redgrant on Instagram

Image via redgrant on Instagram

L.A.’s Comedy Store hosts Blackout Tuesdays every week, where comedians take the stage and try to make people laugh before they black out. I think that’s how it works.

Anyway, Red Grant is up there onstage, and he’s an impressions guy. Pretty solid Maury Povich reenactment skills. So Red’s up there and he launches into his Drake impression—but he makes a fatal mistake. He doesn’t check the room for Drake.

Drake doesn’t mind though. He does impressions too. But it’d be weird to just let it slide, so Drake gets up there with Red and does a little belittling.

“What the fuck impression is that? Who is that?” he says.”That was like some Omarion, Chris Brown together shit. That’s not me, man.” He finishes it off with a no-look karate kick to let Red know it’s cool. Videos below:

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