A lot of Maryland rapper Ace Cosgrove’s music has an energetic, lighthearted feel to it, but he turns up the intensity for “Burning Slums,” and now there’s a video to match the mood. Here’s what Ace had to say about the video:

With the “Burning Slums” record I wanted to give off a “born to be a rebel” vibe. The video helps display this message by capturing a protest in DC. The protest happened a day after Darren Wilson was found not guilty after the death of Mike Brown. I never took part in a protest, and after doing so I have new outlook in life. The protest made more humble, and made me appreciate the human race more. I could feel the energy and the pain from the other protesters, it was a “we are in this together” feeling. It was like, “Fuck all the bullshit, fuck all the beefing shit, we have to come together on this.”

It’s deeper then just me and you, this is about our futures. It’s about our kids having something more to look forward to. The video is directed by GuruMediaGroup who also shot the “Golden Chills” video. The song is produced by Black Diamond, who also produced “All I Do For Logic,” “Nike On My Feet” for Mac Miller, and “Free” for Stalley.

Watch the “Burning Slums” video above.

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