Technology is constantly getting bigger and better at a rapid pace and the Consumer Electronics Show is where all of the latest gadgets are usually premiered. At this week’s CES, Sony introduced the latest edition of their famous Walkman. The Walkman may seem outdated, but these are definitely not your mom’s kind of Walkman.

Sony’s new Walkman ZX2 is a luxury MP3 player. The touch screen device contains up to 128GB of storage, uses Bluetooth and also supports Android apps. But one of the most important features is the high resolution audio which is enabled by the S-Master HX processor. With all of these fancy features one would expect it to be a little pricey. But your original guess was probably way off unfortunately. According to The Verge, Sony’s Walkman ZX2 will reportedly sell for $1,999.99. It is set to launch for an early spring release.

Watch the video above to find out more about the luxury player and start saving your pennies. See what people are saying about the new Walkman below.

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