It’s been a crazy year for GoldLink. He went from catching a little buzz on SoundCloud to meeting with Rick Rubin, touring with SBTRKT and Flume, traveling the world, and performing in front of André 3000.

We had him write down some of his biggest memories so far as he makes his first moves in what’s going to be a big 2015.


Releasing “Electronic Relaxation” and how it all started
When we dropped “Electronic Relaxation” on Pigeons, that was the day it really all started. I’d put up a few other loose records on my SoundCloud before that, but when “Electronic Relaxation” hit 20,000 plays in a week, and certain people were organically taking notice… I really felt like I was on to something.


The day The God Complex dropped
It was crazy to think my first project was about to drop. We had a lot of good momentum going into it, but still couldn’t help thinking “damn this is it.” I knew it was different, but I guess you get a little nervous like “shit are people really going to like this?” Played it maybe 100 times in its short 30 minunte form for all the close homies and the team. We knew it was special.


Playing in front of the home town audience
Playing U Street Music Hall was really special for the movement cause thats like the dope, small venue in DC. If you can sell it out, you know you’re poppin’. It’s a cool basement venue where the dope shit plays first in DC, so to see real fans come out less than two weeks after the project was surreal. Support from a city like D.C. ain’t easy…


Touring with Flume and SBTRKT
I’m honestly such a big fan of SBTRKT. I’m remembering showing my manager like a year before, so to then turn around and tour with him was crazy. Flume was super cool too, good dude and he has fans like a mother fucker! Three sold out nights at Terminal 5 is no joke.

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Touring in Europe and Australia
Touring London was truly the shit. I love London. I’m going back soon. The reaction from 250 kids who knew every single word was just so epic.

Oh yeah…and Andre 3k came to the show. My manager didn’t even want to tell me before I got on stage, but someone slipped. I didn’t mind, it was just dope to hear he stayed and watched my entire set.

Australia over New Years was tight too. Got to see the homies Kaytra and Aluna do their thing, but a 16 hour time difference I could do without!


Meeting Rick Rubin
Meeting Rick Rubin… It’s hard for an experience to feel anything besides surreal when you walk in to the room where Yeezus was engineered, with the man who executive produced it. When it boils down to it, Rick is a fan of forward thinking music, and for him to be in to my music so early is just an honor. Hopefully we get to work.

2015 though… man I got some shit coming.

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