Earlier this week, Childish Gambino tweeted out this link, which was an all-black website with a clock running down in the right-hand corner. Soon after tweeting it out (and causing a clamor on the Internets), Gambino deleted that tweet… and everything else from his Twitter page. While there was no initial word on what this site would be counting down, it ended up being the above video for STN MTN/KAUAI‘s “Sober.”

Like most of his clips, Childish plays the protagonist, trying to woo the girl. This setting is a take-out spot, and the girl isn’t really trying to be around Childish… especially when he appears to be far from sober. It turns into a lot of (creepy) fun, reminiscent of a number of videos from the ’80s and ’90s where this shit actually works. Hell, maybe I should’ve tried singing along to the radio in the take-out spot; I could’ve bagged shorty. In any case, be amazed by Gambino’s latest video.