Photo via The Nostalgia Blog

Photo via The Nostalgia Blog

Long before the world knew his name, a 25-year-old Eminem visited Baruch College’s Solo Vibes radio show for an on-air freestyle session, and today, we get to hear the nearly two decades old recording.

The session is a cypher with Eminem and A.L., a battle rapper who was buzzing at the time, and it’s an engaging back and forth broken into two parts, both of which can be found below. Em’s lyrics, such as, “It all started when my mother took my bike away cause I murdered my guinea pig and stuck him in the microwave, after that it was straight to the 40 ounces, slapping teachers and jacking off in front of my counselors,” (5:00, Part 1) clearly foreshadowed what was to come from his ensuing career.

Listen below, and see how this session stacks up with our list of The Best Eminem Freestyles from last fall.


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