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Image via Soundcloud

Image via Soundcloud

Which each song, Leo Kalyan proves that he’s one to watch. He has a sound that would appeal to both R&B and Pop fans. The production of each track is alluring and the hooks are catchy enough for you to commit to memory after just a few listens. But if there’s one difference to notice, it’s his progress.

It seems like Kalyan gets better with each release. His newest single “Full Circle” is well polished all around. The beat is big but just as inviting as his voice is. The simultaneous build of the vocals and production result in something that seems like more of a sonic experience than just a simple song. With your eyes closed, the sounds are enough to make you feel like you’re flying. “Full Circle” is a versatile track that could easily be fitting for anything from a joy ride around town to a calm night at home.

Listen to “Full Circle” below.

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