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We’ve become a generation that is obsessed with streaming music. We can stream music from just about any location these days. And the only thing better than that is having various outlets to stream from, because who doesn’t love having options? Your latest music streaming option will be provided by Grooveshark. However, their service will specifically be an internet radio station to compete with Pandora.

After being found guilty of major copyright infringement, Grooveshark has made the decision to finally go the legal route. Though the site has been broadcasting a user-run station for about a year now, this new development will include a proper launch with an application for both iOS and Android. The app is set to launch in January 2015 for only 99 cents a month and will allow users to make their own personalized radio stations without the interruption of ads.

Like Pandora, Grooveshark will be licensing songs and paying royalties through SoundExchange. But unlike many of its competitors, the new Grooveshark app is expected to have a chat function that co-founder and chief executive Sam Tarantino says will “change the ballgame.” Time will only tell if that extra feature will help boost the number of Grooveshark users to Pandora levels. Currently, Grooveshark has about 30 million web users while Pandora has roughly 77 million.

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