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It’s been around six months or so since Death Grips officially called it quits, but it seems they’re not quite done yet. Taken from Jenny Death, the second half of their upcoming double album the powers that b“Inanimate Sensation” sounds stadium-level huge, and the video adheres to that notion, too. This is the abrasive trio at their most widescreen, promising that they’re wanting to go out on a big note with Jenny Death. 

Jenny Death will follow Niggas on the Moonwhich released earlier this year. Fan speculation for upcoming record is pointing towards a December 27th release, so hopefully we don’t have to wait too long to hear their obstreperous swan song. The video for “Inanimate Sensation” is, of course, pretty strange. Taking place on a fallen jumbotron, the video flicks between distorted computer graphics and MC Ride with big googly eyes. Seriously, shout out those googly eyes.

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